Beta Version 11.7.2 Available for Testing on April 4th, 2023

This should address @ThePrinter’s recent request for help with providing unique identifiers for Footnotes and Citations, even when combining the bodies of multiple Notes onto a single web page. (15.9 MB)

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Very excited to try this out. Thank you!

Peculiar bug in this beta: A select amount of collections’ notes do not appear in Display mode. That portion of the screen is blank. I am allowed to edit these notes as usual, but they are not displaying after I save them. This seems to affect only some collections. I can’t pinpoint the similarities between them just yet. It doesn’t appear to be a directory access issue, because some collections in the same directory appear as normal, while others do not.

Either way, I can confirm that the unique identifiers do generate. I cannot report anything of concern in this respect!

Thank you, Herb.

Could you send me some samples of Notes that are not displaying?

Sure thing.
Fitness backup on (5.1 KB)

Thanks, @ThePrinter . However I’m not seeing any problems on my Mac. What version of macOS are you on? And are there any interesting messages showing in the Log window?

I’m using a M1 Mac Mini running macOS Ventura 13.2.1. Nothing stands out to me in the Log Window, it says that the collections are opening successfully. Very strange, this blankness even affects the Knowledge Base collection that opens on launch.

My base installation is not affected in the least, however.

I just posted a newer beta, 11.7.3. Could you try that and see if it solves your problems?

@ThePrinter: when you get a chance, could you see if the 11.7.3 beta solves your display problems? Thanks!

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Sorry for the delay. I’ve got family in town. The problem persists with 11.7.3, except it looks like it’s affecting all collections do not display in the app. I made a new test collection that did not display either. Very strange. The last official release still runs great though!

@ThePrinter, can you let me know how you have your Display fonts set? (A screenshot would be useful.) In particular, I’m wondering if you’re supplying your own CSS in one way or another…? I might have made some recent changes that did not take the possible presence of custom CSS into account.

I believe that this is the default setup.

Thanks. If you have the time, here’s one more thing that might help: use the Share w/options window, select ‘Entire Note’, ‘HTML Document’ and ‘Write to a File’, then attach the resulting file to your response. And thanks for the help!

Also I’m wondering how your light/dark preferences are set, both within the Notenik app and at the macOS level. (My working theory is that the blank screen you are seeing is the result of seeing white text on a white background.)

I guess the other thing to try would be to upgrade to Ventura 13.3.1 to see if that makes a difference.

I can’t replicate the problem here on my machine, and I’m running out of avenues to explore.

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I’m going to go ahead and try this out (updating macOS). I’ll let you know how things turn out. Thank you for the persistent effort, Herb, I appreciate it.


@hbowie It looks like I found the root of the problem: Too many installations of Notenik. It turns out that I had three betas in my Downloads directory. I deleted the oldest ones and replaced the last official release from the App Store with 11.7.3. Everything is running well.

Thanks for the help and I’m sorry if this was any inconvenience to you.

Well, glad to hear everything is running well with the latest beta! And thanks for all the beta testing! I appreciate it!

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It’s always a pleasure.