Beta Version 12.2.4 Available for Testing on June 15th, 2023

This has a few nice changes but, most notably, has a sort of fix for the disappearing cursor problem recently reported by @Hutch. Looking forward to feedback on this one.

These changes have now been incorporated into Version 12.3.0.

We have a cursor!!! I just installed the beta version, turned off the inline editing switch, and created a test note. Everything seems to be working. I will leave it to the more capable users to take a deeper look-see. Thanks, Herb. I appreciate your hard work and prompt attention to this issue.


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From the original communications:

I second this sentiment and I think the strange bug on Apple’s behalf has led to a nice “Quality of Life” improvement in this regard. I think these new advantages will especally prove useful for users that have the "Code"field activated.

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