Character issue in tag usage and split view

First of all, congratulations for this wonderful application. I actually have two feature requests. The first one is about special characters in tag usage. I cannot use Turkish expressions as tags, for example (ö,ç). Secondly, tab or split view feature. It would be great to have a new window, tab or split view feature to create another note from a note.

Hey, @eduman, thanks for your comment! I’ll have to research the first request to see what’s going on. In terms of the second, I’m not quite sure what you are asking for. If you’re asking for a second Note display for the same Collection, then, yes, I get that (although I’ll have to have a good think about it before figuring out what to do about it). But then when you say “…to create another note from a note”, I’m not following. You can use the contextual menu on the List tab to invoke the “Duplicate” command, which will duplicate a Note… but that doesn’t require a tab or Split View. So perhaps a little more explanation would be helpful.

Thanks again for posting!

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See the new beta version I just posted and let me know if this fixes your character issue in tag usage problem. Thanks!

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The issue fixed. Thank you so much. :pray: but I noticed the same problem with the markdown file names, for example a file name looks like this: “Siyasal akt-rler yarg-y - neden g–”. But it should be like this: “Siyasal aktörler yargıyı neden güç”.

Thanks, @eduman, for reporting this as well! See the new 12.1.2 beta and let me know if this works for you.

This also resolved. Thank you again.

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