Crashes when attempting to indent or outdent multiple notes

Indenting and outdenting a single note works, via keyboard shortcut or the menu option.

However, if I select two or more notes in the list and use the shortcut or menu option to indent these notes, the app instantly crashes.

Thanks for reporting this! I’ve got another beta ready that should fix this. If you could test and confirm, I’d appreciate it. Thanks again!

Thanks, that works.

There is one thing I’d note, it would be nice if the selected notes stay selected after performing the indent/outdent operation.

At the moment if I select say 4 notes and indent them, only the first note is still selected.

For example, if wanted to indent the 4 notes more than one level (or realise I’ve made a mistake and want to outdent them back), I’d have to reselect all 4 each time.

Thanks for mentioning this. When indenting or outdenting multiple Notes, the entire group should stay selected in the future. This will be in the 12.2.0 version, which is currently in the pipeline to be reviewed and released.