Different fonts being used for seq values in list

A different font for some values appears to being used for some (seemingly) random sequence numbers in the list view. See image below where 1.2.0 and 1.3.2 use this alternate font.


Edit: For info …if i reverse the sort it is the same positions that have the different font (i.e. the 7th and 13th items)

That’s… odd. What version of macOS are you running? And is this a field that’s defined as a seq field?

Ventura 13.5 and yes am using a <seq> field for these values.

I have a collection with maybe 50+ notes in it* and around 3 of them display in this way. Different ones each time i look. Funny thing is that when scrolling down the list one value that comes into view will display this issue, if i scroll back up the list and then back down again it will (generally) be a different value that displays it. So it doesn’t appear to be related to value or position in the list etc. Most odd indeed.

* Would be nice to have some collection statistics actually. Number of notes / words etc.

Can you share the template file that you are using?

Sure. Here you go:

template.md.zip (348 Bytes)