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Using Default Note Template

Since my latest update I experience a problem moving from one field to another. in the edit screen (template?). For example, on opening a new note, if I complete the title, date, and attribution fields then click on the body field, nothing happens, my cursor fails to appear. I can resolve this by clicking back on the title field then, clicking on the Body field, and it works.

Thanks for reporting this. I had kind of noticed this issue myself a while ago, but it seems intermittent, and I hadn’t dug into it.

Also, I’ve noticed (at least in my case) that, if I start typing (ignoring the missing cursor) then it turns out that text insertion works – it’s just that the cursor is initially “invisible” (for lack of a better description).

I’ll look into this and see what I can do.

Thanks again for reporting the issues.

As far as I can tell so far, this is a general problem when moving from one NSTextField (multi-line text field) directly to another. You mentioned the attribution field, and the link field is similar. As you noted, if you visit another text field first, and then go to a multi-line field, then the cursor appears.

Again, editing should still work, but it is disturbing not to see the cursor until you start typing.

Not sure how to fix this. It was working before, and I don’t believe I’ve changed anything, so it seems to be something that Apple has changed. I don’t have a workaround right now.

Thank you for following up on this.

If I may, I second the notion that this is likely a bug attributed to some recent changes made by Apple. I vaguely recall some changes being made to things like SwiftUI in the midst of the recent WWDC hubbub.

Still working on this. I’ve submitted something on the Apple Developer Forums, but no response there yet from anyone.

I thought the problem might be due to something I was missing when creating these fields, since I’m doing this programmatically, but when I created a small test window with two NSTextView fields generated by Xcode, the same thing happens. :frowning:

I’ve now submitted a bug report to Apple as well. But not holding my breath waiting for a response there.

I’ll try a couple more things and see if I can do any good.

Thanks again for following up. I am just driving on a learner’s permit, and I don’t dare look under the hood :-). The bug is only a slight irritation. A gnat and not a mosquito. I do appreciate your attention and response.

I have developed a sort of work-around. Try the 12.2.4 beta that I just posted.

See the new option at the bottom of the General Tab of the Notenik Settings, for “Inlined Editing of Long Text Fields.” Turn this off in order to see the work-around.

I hope that others (@ThePrinter, @wgrace, etc.) will give this a try as well.

When you turn this setting off, then each multi-line text field (other than the Body field itself) will be presented on the Edit tab as a single line of text, followed by an Edit button, which will open a new window for editing of that particular field.

I will be interested to know what others think of this. I think I actually prefer it to the old (aka inline editing) option of these long text fields, and I think I would probably continue to prefer it, even without the disappearing cursor problem: it makes for a tidier Edit tab, it provides more room for the Body field, and it allows for cleaner tabbing from one field to the next.

Looking forward to feedback!

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These changes have now been released to the Mac App Store as part of Version 12.3.0, and so I will consider this issue closed.