Selecting note via 'Note Selector' and 'Scroll to Selected Note'

I make heavy use of the Note Selector to switch to other notes in my collections.

With long collections, I would find it really helpful if the Note List scrolled to the newly selected note automatically.

I realise there is a Scroll to Selected Note menu item, but I find that quickly gets tiresome, especially without a keyboard shortcut. I mostly want to glance quickly at the note list to get some context of the surrounding notes and the location of the newly selected note.


Thanks for the post. I’ll look into this.

@wgrace: I think this should be fixed with the latest beta. Let me know!

@hbowie works well.

The only thing I could add is something that may be quite a niche request.

If the selected note is at the bottom of the screen, but there are notes below it, show the next note (or 2)… a couple of screenshots as an explanation:



I haven’t seen in a standard Mac text editor, but if you’re familiar enough with Vim, set scrolloff=2 applied to the notes list is basically what I’m thinking of.

Thanks for mentioning this. This was one of those little things that had quietly been nagging at me as well for quite a while, but I didn’t really have any examples of different behavior (having never used Vim), and didn’t have any really rational reason for changing it, so I’d just quietly ignored it – until now! But now it will scroll down a couple of extra rows, if they’re available. This should appear in the next release as well.