Sharing note as Markdown gives HTML

Hello Herb,

If I share an entire note as Markdown from the “Share a Note” menu I get an entire HTML document in return. Is this intentional?

I was expecting something like the note’s Title being shown as a level one heading in Markdown syntax (or whatever is selected for “Note Title Display” in the collection’s preferences) followed by the body of the note sans the Body field label. And maybe the note’s tags in hashtag format like how their displayed when a note is shared Microblog style. If the note has a link attributed to it in the corresponding field, perhaps the note’s title can be wrapped in <a> tags.

These are just a few suggestions.

Thank you.

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Thanks for the post. However I’m not able to replicate your experience as reported.

When I use the Share with Options menu command, and then select Entire Note and Markdown and copy to Clipboard, I end up seeing Markdown, pretty much as you say you expect.

The collection in question has a modified display.html file.

Here’s a sample collection that I hope is useful.

OK. That explains it. See the new beta and let me know if that behaves any more reasonably.