Sidebar horizontal scrolling prevention

I find I’m always accidentally scrolling when using my laptop.

So I make it wider, then double-click the border, so it snaps to 1/3 of the window width. Long notes are truncated, and there is no horizontal scrolling.

The annoyances here are:

  • Even if the all the note titles fit into the sidebar, there is still horizontal scrolling upon opening a collection.
  • Sometimes double-clicking the border isn’t enough, you must drag it wider first, then double click.
  • Closing and reopening the collection will re-enable horizontal scrolling.

Would it be possible to prevent horizontal scrolling in the sidebar/notes list at all times?

Or at least, when closing and reopening a collection, not resetting it?

Perhaps this video might be of help:

@wgrace: I’ve provisionally added a new app setting that will allow the user to turn off the horizontal scroll bar on the List tab.

I’ve also turned on predominant axis scrolling, which may make scrolling a little more intuitive when horizontal scrolling is on.

See the latest beta and let me know how this works for you.

Be aware that, when horizontal scrolling is turned on (or left on), auto-hiding of the scroll bar may still make it disappear when it is not needed. It may also appear even when it does not seem to be needed, probably due to various internal calculations that are more variable than usual, since the columns that appear on the List tab will change based on the Sort sequence chosen.

Thanks for reporting this issue, Winston. Let me know if this fix helps.

Thanks @hbowie.

It hasn’t prevented horizontal scrolling, perhaps it is clearer to label the option ‘Hide Horizontal Scrolling on List Tab’?

The option is still great for me anyway, as I have scrollbars always turned on in macOS settings.

But that aside, the predominant axis scrolling change is brilliant and has made all the difference.

I don’t really care that there is still horizontal scrolling now, because I don’t accidentally scroll right when I’m scrolling down.

Yes, I wondered if the (lack of) predominant axis scrolling might be the thing that was annoying you!

I’ve relabeled the new setting to make it clearer that it controls the appearance of the scroll bar, but does not actually inhibit scrolling via other means. Thanks for that suggestion.

I’ve posted a new beta, if you wouldn’t mind checking it out.

Everything seems to work as expected, thanks.

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Off topic: Where did you find that wallpaper?

@ThePrinter: That particular one would be way back in his archives though, pre-2009 from memory.

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Thanks. The photographer’s got a generous selection.