Version 11.5.0 Released on February 18, 2023

New version of Notenik just out in the Mac App Store, with a few fixes and enhancements.

  • Fixed a few bugs that I came across.

  • Added a new Collection setting to open external links in new browser tabs/windows.

  • Added a keyboard shortcut to generate an Include for a selected Note.

And that’s it!

Complete details available in the Knowledge Base.

Thanks, this small change has made my day.

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Cool! Love to hear this!

Just wanted to say how fond I am of this update. The CMD-I shortcut is deserving of a lot of use on my end and inspired me to refer to the knowledge base to see if it was possible to include notes between collections.

Great job, Herb, and thanks.

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I’ve run into a few issues with the ‘Open external links in new Tabs/Browser?’.

The main reason I liked this was to prevent, for example, a bookmarked website opening within the Notenik application window. I almost always want to any other website in my standard browser.

I also make heavy use of MultiMarkdowns table of contents function. Both for navigating the file within Notenik and within it after export to HTML.

I wasn’t expecting these TOC links to open in my external browser. Also wasn’t expecting same page links in HTML (<a href="#same-page-link") to open in a new tab.

But, I realize it has been implemented exactly as it has been described:

Every link opens in an external window.

And this probably shouldn’t have surprised me.

Basically, I was visualizing external links as links that point to a completely different website, for example:

And excluding any links that point to anything within the current file, or to other files within the same collection. I thought of them as always staying as relative links.

Thanks for reporting these issues, @wgrace! See the beta version just posted and let me know how that works out for you!