A surfeit of line breaks in tables rendered in web pages

My note contains the following code:

A sample cover page

Label Information
Title Data Retention Policy
Purpose Policy for Handling Personal Information
Authors Malcolm Fitzgerald
Contains Personal Data No Yes - secure accordingly
Acquisition Date 24th November 2023
Archive Until No limit
Date of Disposal N/A
Form of Disposal Dispose Destroy

Here in the forum it displays nicely. In Notenik, and in the web page that is produced, there is a large gap between “A sample cover page” and the table. The gap is generated by five line breaks “<br>” which are inserted between the description and the table.

This may be a rendering bug in Notenik. Is there anything that I could be doing to cause this problem to occur?

Edit: I thought I could delete the <br> from the html output. When I open the web page using the browser Inspector I see the five <br>. However, when I look at the source code, there are no <br>. It is simply </p><table>. Very odd!

Let me look into this.

I think I see what’s going on. Let me see if I can fix it.

Check out the latest beta and let me know if this fixes the problem for you.

As it turns out, some of your table lines were terminated by a pair or more of spaces, which are typically used in Markdown to indicate a line break. Notenik was dutifully inserting these, but line breaks within a table are not valid, and so they were sort of “floating” to the top, above the table, when the HTML was being parsed for display within a browser window.

This beta version suppresses line breaks for table lines, since they aren’t allowed there anyway.

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That observation deserves a sherlock award: :mag:

The update handles my incoherent markdown nicely.

thank you

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