Adventures Intro Published

The new Adventures with Notenik blog now has its first post! This is something of an introductory piece, so I would encourage you to read it.

I’m also hoping that members of this community will think of some your own “adventures” that you might want to share with others. Feel fee to submit something here (as a Markdown attachment if you’d like) for possible publication on the new blog!

You can find the new post here:

(BTW, I’m sort of thinking that this new blog might be the best place to post fun and helpful Notenik tips and tricks. I’ve found this Discourse forum to be great for reporting and tracking bugs and enhancement ideas, and for community feedback and discussion, but am not sure it’s really a useful place to learn more about Notenik.)

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It looks like you left the development URL in your post.

Here it is: Adventures with Notenik

Can’t wait to dive in. The information architecture on the page looks well thought out by the way.


I must say that this is both a compelling biographical account as well as a nice way to introduce the intrigue of Notenik.

My favorite passage:

When I responded to the ad and showed up in Century City for my interview, I was armed with a Bachelor’s degree in English and a handgun.

I appreciate the context that you provided in the (omitted) parenthesis because it’s indicative of an earnest narration, but the brief mental image that I had prior to reading it was a joy.

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Whoops - thanks for the URL fix. I’ve changed it in my post.

And thanks for the feedback on the writing!

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