Allow User to Change Font(s) Used on the Edit Tab

This enhancement provides a menu action beneath the View menu that allows the user to Adjust Edit Fonts. This action brings up a new window, titled Edit Font Preferences. This window allows the user to separately adjust the Font used, as well as the Font size, for three different types of UI elements:

  • Field Labels
  • Code Values (including Links)
  • Text Values (for all other values)

This new window provides the user with more fine-grained controls for adjusting the appearance of the Edit tab, in addition to the existing View options for adjusting the overall font size.

See the Notenik Knowledge Base for details.

I’m liking this addition, Herb.

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I’m curious: what sort of adjustments are you finding useful?

For one, I appreciate being able to change individual fonts in the UI. Being able to change the font for only Text Values had been an adjustment that I always found interesting in Notenik (although I always fell short of requesting it myself), but I never thought of changing the fonts for Field Labels and Code Values also.

As of right now I’m keeping everything conservative and using Courier across the three elements.

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