Attachments - Remember the folder that the user last selected

I’m writing documentation at the moment. This is my workflow.

  1. take a screenshot
  2. create new document and annotate the screenshot
  3. Export PNG
  4. Switch to Notenik
  5. create new note
  6. Attach PNG

At the last step, Notenik displays the file selector dialog located in the Parent Realm of the collection. I have to switch to the folder that the PNG is stored in before I can select it. That’s easily done, I select the pop-up menu and swipe down to “Recent Places.”

Many apps remember the last folder that users used for an action and drop them into that place. I wonder if you think that is desirable in Notenik too?

In a different situation I might be saving the PNG directly into the file folder, removing the need to invoke the file browser. I’m not doing that presently because there could be extra steps between (3) and (4) that may involve a couple of other apps and they have pre-established workflow.

This is a very low priority request. The OS already offers easy access to recent folders in the file selector dialog.