Beta Version 13.0.2 Available for Testing on October 6th, 2023

This new version has a couple of minor improvements: a Presentation Display mode (much like the streamlined reading mode, but without a preview of the next Note), and the ability to preserve a comma in a phone number field.

This beta version is no longer available. Look for a later beta release or the most recent Mac App Store release.

Not sure if it is just with this latest version but noticed that any markdown used in the fields’ content is not converted to html in Streamlined/Presentation modes.

Thanks for reporting this! I’ll look into it.

Yes! I found that fields of type longtext were not getting converted! Thanks for finding this problem and reporting it! I’ve fixed the bug, and it should be testable in the next release.

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Looking at task lists, on Silicon.

When working with an existing collection I create a new note and paste in a “task list” ( lines beginning with [ ] ). The checkboxes are displayed with a dark line and are not interactive.

I created a new collection and pasted in the same task list. The checkboxes are displayed with a soft grey line and are interactive. However, changes made in display mode are not saved. I did notice that I could switch from display mode to edit mode and back. Changes made in display mode were not reflected in edit mode but when going back to display mode the changes were still being displayed.

Also saw that I was not able to nest task lists.

  • editing this as the problem was the user not the software.

OK. Sorry you’re having issues. Let me look into this a bit more.

Keep in mind that a task list must first be a list, so you have to precede the square brackets with the usual unordered list identifier, such as a dash or an asterisk (followed by a space).

good reminder. I was skipping that step.

When I do it properly, sublists are supported, and the status of the checkbox is consistent between display and edit modes.

I am still seeing odd behaviour with one collection but that must be a quirk because everything works correctly when working with a new collection.

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