Beta Version 13.8.1 Available for Testing on January 23rd, 2024

This new beta adds another option to the Advanced Search. You can now scope your search to the current note and its children, or the current note and all notes following.

I’m thinking that this might be especially helpful when using the Knowledge Base, so that you can search only in a current section, or only from a certain point forward.

Feedback would be appreciated, as always!

This beta version is no longer available. Look for a later beta release or the most recent Mac App Store release.

That’s a nice addition. It’s really helpful.

It reliably kept within the correct range when I search within and search forward. Going backwards, it stopped at the right spot too.

There is a small side effect. Having performed an advanced search I then modified the search term in the search box in the tool bar. The new search fails to find the search term. The error dialog displayed suggests that it is using the conditions provided by the advanced search. However, that is misleading. The search term should have been found within the advanced search criteria.

Interesting. One little tricky thing that might be tripping you up is that, if you select one of the new scope options, and then perform a search, and then modify the search term, the search for the new term will be performed with the previously selected scope, but using the currently selected Note. So, for example, if you had previously selected within, and then searched (moving the current note selection), and then changed the search term, you would no longer be searching within the original scope.

Make sense?

Only to the developer :wink:

I only knew about standard or advanced mode:

  • Advanced Mode using all the setting which they carefully input
  • Standard Mode where settings are controlled by program defaults.

If I understand correctly there is an Advanced+ mode that allows users to augment their advanced search by adding a different search term for the current note using the basic search field.

That does fit with my experience.

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