Beta Version 13.9.3 Available for Testing on February 17th, 2024

Changes here attempt to address the Feature Request for Non-Unique Titles and File Names.

This change has required a lot of modifications to the some of the fundamental Notenik plumbing, even when continuing to use the Title as a unique ID, so lots of testing – with both existing Collections and new Collections with alternate IDs – will be appreciated.

This beta version is no longer available. Look for a later beta release or the most recent Mac App Store release.

Minimal testing done at this point but the simplest task, which is to have a duplicate title, is successful.

I have set “title + date” and the file names are accurate, while the title is an exact duplicate.

I’ll certainly be doing more testing tomorrow. I have a collection at work for which duplicate titles make sense. Currently they have titles which are differentiated by the section that they are in. It’s a form of data duplication that doesn’t really get in the way, though I’ve had to explain why I have done that for one colleague.

I think this change will lower the friction for new users.

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Thanks for this update! The beta seems to work very well especially for the core use case of multiple notes with the same title. I did find some attachment and linking issues with 13.9.3, but they seem to have been resolved with 13.9.4. Will continue testing and report bugs if I find any.

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