Can we get some reviews into the App Store?

When I download a new version of Notenik from the app store I can only see one review.

For all the effort that @hbowie puts into the app, the least we can do is to give a few minutes of our time to write a review.

I invite everyone using Notenik to provide a review for the app store. It makes a big difference to the app ranking - even a few reviews will lift the profile of Notenik.

Positive reviews are great, but the best reviews are genuine, from the heart, warts-and-all stories.

More reviews would be great! Although, interestingly, I see a bunch of reviews out there – although no recent ones. I wonder if people are only seeing reviews from their own countries…? Not sure what’s going on there.

Aha, that may be the case. I’m in the New Zealand store.

I can only see two reviews on the UK app store. I need to add one myself!

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