Can we link to a report in a different collection?

The lookup field allows us to link to a single note in a different collection. I would like to obtain a list of notes that are linked in a different collection. Using the Commonplace example, from the Author note, show a list of all works, or show a list of all quotes. Is that possible using the existing tool set?

No, not possible today from within Notenik. I’ve had this request before, though, and it would be kind of cool, so it might be a future feature.

Good to know, thanks.

There are a few ways that I see this working.

  1. display a list of works in the note, as a table, or a list revealed with a little bit of javascript.
  2. provide a url in the note that displays a report. Whether the report occurs in the context of the current collection or in the other collection seems moot, esp. if the report has a back link to the originating note.

See the latest beta and let me know how it looks!