Collection metadata

I would like to see some options to capture (and display) additional collection metadata.

I have just returned to using a collection that is pretty complex in terms of its purpose and the reports that i need to generate from it. Returning to it i struggled to remember how it all worked. In the Collection Settings window i would like to see a new tab that contains fields to capture at least overview and notes.

Thanks for considering.

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That’s an interesting thought, and something I might implement at some point in the future.

For now, have you considered setting up a Project Launcher collection that would have links to all of your other Collections? This way you could use the Body field of each Note in the Launcher collection to make whatever notes you wanted to about each Collection.

You can read more about creating a Project Launcher in the Knowledge Base.


Yes - that’ll work nicely. Thanks for the suggestion.

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I like this idea too. Having overview content stored in -INFO would provide a way to keep the data without compromising the integrity of the collection. An “about this collection” menu item could be implemented.

I think @hbowie’s suggestion of a meta-collection Project Launcher offers a lot of flexibility and allows us to go in all sort of directions, and takes us much further than an “about me” box. However, it isn’t self-contained. It doesn’t travel with the collection.

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