Commonplace book query

New to Notenik and really impressed so far. Is ticking an awful lot of boxes in my search for the right note / knowledge manager for my particular needs.

Have been experimenting with the commonplace book with lookup template today and have a a couple of queries:

  • Is it possible to have the works of the author listed on the Author page (and/or the related quotes etc) and likewise have all the granular quotes/notes from a book appear as a list in the Work page?

  • Another thing…(and i do understand that this is not a true relational database set up)…is there scope to limit the options of the Works dropdown to match only those written by the selected author?

Hey, @oddballs, welcome to the Notenik forum! Thanks for joining!

Well, good questions!

In my case, I end up using scripts and merge templates to create the kind of arrangements you are looking for. See this page for an example.

You can certainly sort your Collection of Quotes by author name, which sort of gives you what you are looking for, at least in terms of authors.

Guess I’m not entirely sure of your use case here. Maybe you could share a bit more about what you are trying to end up with, and how you would use it?

The Works dropdown is a bit tricky. It has to support the entry of a new work, plus the selection of an existing work by typing the first few letters of its title, plus selection from the actual dropdown. Also there is no guarantee that the user will identify an author before identifying the work. So I’m not sure that scoping the work selection would be easily doable, plus it might actually screw something else up.

Hope this all makes sense.

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Well… you’ve got me thinking, now. It might be cool to actually build a commonplace book as a single book-like Collection within Notenik.

Let me do some pondering on this.

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Thanks for your response.

Just to confirm my understanding….this solution would effectively be an exported version of my notes and not viewable within Notenik? My preference would be to have access to this information via the live notes.

I suppose I just want various ways to get to the same information and have related information linked - much in the same way as backlinks operate.

Yes - I figured it might be. Just keen for things to be as frictionless and efficient as possible when I am entering notes.