Creating a note titled 'Template' overwrites collection template file

Creating a note titled ‘Template’ overwrites the collection template file.

While busy creating notes, I had forgotten that I should not name my note this. But should this even be possible?

In any other circumstance, a note with a duplicate title would be renamed with a number added to the end.

I got a big surprise reopening my collection with everything looking strange.

Well, you make a good point, @wgrace ! I’ll add this to my list. Thanks for reporting this issue.

As a formerly over obsessive and nit-picky designer, I really dislike having these settings-type files in amongst my notes.

But with my newly pragmatic, developer hat on, I appreciate the simplicity and transparency they bring.

I was going to open a feature request, but I don’t really know what I would be requesting just yet.

I’ve put in a check for this in 11.7.0. Notenik should now automatically rename a Note titled “Template” to “Template 1.” Thanks for reporting this, and let me know if any further issues!

BTW, I appreciate your acknowledgment of the trade-offs here. It is a little messy having all the settings and the data stored in text files in a single folder. But there is a degree of simplicity and transparency, as you say, that comes along with this approach, and hopefully those factors outweigh a bit of messiness, at least for some of us.