Does anyone have a good system for transferring a note between different collections?

Like Dragging notes from one collection to another, I want to be able to move a note from one collection to another. The note-to-move is in a collection that has a subset of fields of the collection that it is going to be in. The problem is, the collections have different field names.

I should look at AppleScript or a command line script that will perform all the necessary actions to move the file, and to relabel the field names.

Unless someone can suggest a Notenik method?

Now that I’ve asked, it seems that renaming the fields so that both collections have the same field names may be the simplest solution of all.

Yes, dragging and dropping a Note from one Collection to another is the simplest, quickest solution – so long as your field names match!

Renaming fields so that corresponding fields match would enable this solution.

Keep in mind Notenik also has lots of export and import options. So you could export to tab-delimited, for example, then edit that file to change field names, and then import to the second Collection.

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To whoever may come across this thread in the future: a tool like awk is very useful for this kind of job, especially when working with notes in bulk.