Duplication of files after deleting

So here is a problem. This may be because of my recent workflow which needs me to sync my notenik notes to another note-taking app for the iPad.

I store all my notenik notes on Github and these notes sync with an iPad-only app called metion which offers me graphs, wikilinks and backlinks features. So when I am not on my mac I can work on the go with the iPad on the same notes edited on my notenik app.

I see a warning message pop up when I come back to notenik and a bunch of duplicate notes which has become quite irritating.

I want to know how deletion work and why are there so many duplicates being created. Even changing the names of the notes creates another copy of the original note. Is this because of this sync I am doing which pushes the deleted into the notenik container?

Does anyone else have a workaround on how they might be using notenik notes on the iPad or on iPhone?

Below is the warning I get when I open the folder of notes I am working on which are synced via Github.

Screenshot 2022-07-20 at 4.30.04 PM

What service are you using for the syncing? iCloud? Or only GitHub? Or something else? If you look in the Notenik Log Window you should be able to see more info about exactly which files are being treated as duplicates. But yes, if you change the title of the Note on your Mac, and then sync with your iPad, then if the files are still on your iPad, they will likely be restored to your Mac. I’m not sure exactly what Notenik can do to resolve this sort of issue. (Also, if you are using a sync service such as iCloud in addition to Git, then I’ve heard that such a combination can cause issues.)

When you rename a file in Notenik, it does do an add of the new file, followed by a delete of the old file, but I’m not quite sure how this would cause duplicates when using GitHub to sync with your iPad.

I have changed the update logic for Notenik in the latest release (10.1.0) to avoid needlessly deleting and re-adding Notes. They are just updated as necessary now, and renamed as necessary. Hope this helps!