Feedback Requested on Notenik Product Vision

As our discussion of the “Preserve Current Location” feature request continues, it has occurred to me that it is probably past time for me to develop and publish a concise sort of product vision for Notenik. Such a thing exists in my head, but I haven’t committed it to paper (so to speak), so it’s not available to anyone else.

So here’s a first draft of such a thing, for your review and consideration.

So, based on your knowledge of Notenik, and experience with it, are there things here that are missing or unclear?

Feedback would be appreciated.

This is a great vision.

Thank you for making Notenik available to us. Its simplicity, its Collection model and its transparent data structure make it stand out.

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I agree, and I think very useful to have this vision stated explicitly here.

Absolutely all aboard with the vision of ‘traditional Mac GUI elements, guidelines, and norms’. Seems to be a very rare goal these days.

There are small things that jump out at me (doubled up borders, top border pane disappearing on edit mode).

But I understand these types of things are not ‘broken’, or even noticeable by many. Nor is the primary goal of the app to be the best ‘looking’.

So, wondering if you would be open to feedback on this sort of thing at all?

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Yes, certainly open to this sort of feedback!