Filtering Notes

How would I show a list of a subset of Notes?

I might, for example, only want to see all the Notes from the past month or only the notes with a certain proper name in them.

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There’s not really an easy way to do that right now. Let me give it a good think and see what I can come up with.

The only thing available now that is close to what you might be looking for is in this section of the Knowledge Base: Generating Reports.

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Check out the Query Builder that is available with Version 9.9.0, and see if that scratches this particular itch.

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That is indeed a comprehensive solution to the question I asked.

I really like being able to edit the template to a slightly different layout. And I like having the report listed in the toolbar, too. And I really appreciate the linked titles to get back to Notenik for editing.

I’m not entirely keen on being bounced to my browser, though. I wonder why you don’t just open a new Notenik window to display the report.

I’d think that would be beneficial for an iOS version of Notenik (been reading the code).

My original ask envisioned something a lot simpler, actually. Type something in the Search box and see only the Notes in the List panel that match that. Delete the Search box term to restore the full list of Notes.

Your report-based solution is far more comprehensive and can do more sophisticated field comparisons. I didn’t test the date field extensively but I suspect these are all text-based comparisons rather than calculations. Still, more than I was expecting.

(And before I sign off, I want to applaud the elegance of Notenik’s icon, which embarrasses everything else in my Dock!).

Thanks for the feedback! Glad it works for you!

In terms of comparisons, Notenik generally tries to perform comparisons with as much intelligence as it can reasonably muster, based on field types, and the nature of the text it’s being passed.

In terms of an iOS version, I’m not at all sure that’s something I’ll ever get around to, although I’d be happy to have an iOS version available.

In terms of sending the query/report to your browser, that was actually the easiest and quickest thing for me to do. But now that I know the rest of it is working ok, I should be able to send it to a Notenik window in the next release.

And thanks for the feedback about the icon! Glad you like it!

Version 10.0.0 is out, and it includes a change to show the query output in a Notenik internal window. Let me know how this works out for you!

Thanks! I ussed the toolbar icon to access my previous report and it did write the report to a new Notenik window but it also wrote it to a window in my browser.

What change to the .tcz file do I have to make to skip browser output? I see template|generate|browse|file://... in there. Or is there some other place I should be looking?

Just remove the line containing browse. That’s the one that’s opening the output in your browser.

Ah ha!

Now can I enforce a screen location and window size on that report?

No way to do that currently. What would make the most sense? It would be fairly easy to just stash away the size and location of the Query Results window, and then try to restore that each time any query is run.

That’s what I’m after. But the report appears in an inconvenient place in too small a window so I have to drag it and resize it manually. How would I “stash” that somewhere?

Sorry, I wasn’t clear. When I said “fairly easy” I meant easy for me to program and include in the next release!

Oh, Notenik would stash it? This really feels like real bespoke software! Thanks!