Formatting status and rank

Status and Rank both have a numeral prefixed to them. They are very practical but it does trigger me terribly to see the number being displayed in reports beside the label.

  1. Is there an option to have the labels displayed without their numbers?
  2. A more general question. Is there a way to replace spaces with non-breaking spaces? Having the labels wrap onto a second line is another trigger :smile:

On question two, I’ve played with &c but haven’t succeeded. I had hoped that I could define a variable and pass that, e.g., &c=$var$= but I was foiled.

Edit: on Question two, I’ve found the variance modifier &v. The modifier recipe I am using is:

=$title&vx x $=

Try this variable modifier.

You’d want to do something like this:


Let me know how this works out for you.

Thanks, I’d seen the modifier name but hadn’t read the description to see exactly what it did.

It seems as though the variance modifier can only be used once. When I try to do two replacements I end up with empty string.

<td>=$status&>&vxWorkxProgress&vx x&nbsp;$=</td>

The code above produces <td></td>

Would it be possible to declare a variable and apply variance in a repeated set of commands?

You can supply more than one modifier for a single variable, but you only need specify the ampersand (‘&’) once. Try removing the second ampersand and see how that works.

Removing the second modifier produces an empty cell <td></td>.

This set of commands works nicely:

<?set "cleanStatus" = "=$status&>&vxWorkxPlay$="?>
<?set "cleanStatus" = "=$cleanStatus&vx x&nbsp;$="?>

p.s. I know that I can change the status labels in the collection template. In this case, I want to leave the data as it is, and modify the output on the fly.

Very nice solution! I wouldn’t have thought of that!

See the latest beta for a fix to the Word Demarcation variable modifier.

With this fix, you should be able to achieve your original goal with a line like this:

Status: =$status&>caaa&nbsp;$=
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