Grid view - is it even possible?

I began writing a post about wanting to see my Notenik collections in a grid view (aka like a spreadsheet). This Discourse forum suggested that my topic was similar to an existing post describing a new Query Builder feature. Lo and behold, the Query Builder feature allows me to view a collection as a grid! And even gives me a script to update a grid with the latest data after I’ve made edits.

I believe this does away with the last roadblock to moving most of my Numbers spreadsheets to Notenik. (The only exceptions would be bookkeeping spreadsheets like the one for my checkbook.)


Very cool that the forum found you a solution for your problem!

There is one other feature you might be interested in: at the bottom of the File menu, there’s an item for ‘Quick Export and Open’. When you select this item, Notenik will export the Collection to a csv file (without prompting for a location or file name) and then tell macOS to open the file in whatever app is assigned to such files – usually Numbers! This all happens without any further user input, once you select the item, so it can be useful when you really just want to see everything in a traditional spreadsheet format.

And btw, welcome to the Notenik Forum!

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You have to be kidding me! I knew I could manually export to CSV and then find it and open it in Numbers, but even that little bit of friction was too much for a lazy old guy like me. :slightly_smiling_face: Now I have two ways of obtaining a grid view and I like them both. This software of yours has so much depth, it is a pleasure to keep finding (being shown) new ways to use it! Thank you for your reply!