How Should Blank Dates Sort?

Quick question for everyone. Right now, when Notenik sorts a Collection by the Date field, blank dates sort to the back of the list. Frankly, I can’t really remember why I set it up this way. But I’m thinking it might be better to have blank dates sort to the front of a list. Does anyone see a problem with this? Or have an opinion, one way or the other?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

I like the idea of sorting them first so they call attention to themselves in the list (in case they need to be dealt with). At the end of the list, they are more likely to be ignored.

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I prefer them at the back (I’m actually counting on that behaviour in one of my collections).

Could it be optional?

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Thanks for the feedback! Yes, it sounds like making it optional would be the best bet.

I’ve got the option working in a test build. It will be a new item at the bottom of the Sort menu, which is under the Collection menu. There’s already a Descending flag there, so I’m adding a Sort Blank Dates Last flag there, just below the Descending flag. Hopefully this will work for everyone!