INFO.nnk File Updating

I’m puzzled about Notenik’s file housekeeping. The problem I’m having is in syncing two collections across two computers.

Usually I add notes to Collection A on Computer A and to Collection B on Computer B. But I read both collections on both computers.

But as long as I do something with a collection on either computer (even if the collection is not accessed in anyway on the other), I get a complaint from my backup software that “- INFO.nnk: Both sides have changed since last synchronization.”

Why would an INFO.nnk file be updated if a collection is merely being read? To remember the last note read?

(I’ll probably resolve this by changing the two-way sync to one-way mirroring but I’m curious about what’s going on.)

Yes, you’re right, the - INFO.nnk file contains metadata about the Collection, including Collection Prefs values, but also more transient data such as the last window size and location, as well as the title of the last Note selected. Despite the unique file extension, it’s just another plain text file that you can open with something like BBEdit, or some other text editor.

Thanks for explaining that, Herb.

Considering that there’s window information, I suppose I don’t want to mirror that (since the systems don’t have the same size screens). Probably should just ignore that warning. :grinning:

Notenik will try to restore your Collection window to its last size and location, but will respect the current screen size, so there’s probably no harm in mirroring that file along with everything else.

Great! (I guess I’m conditioned to applications not being that smart.)