Interactive Task List Items are not saved correctly

This bug seems to affect items on the end of a task list. It doesn’t seem to affect very short lists. Lists of less than ten items seem to work. Once you have a list of ten or more, the save becomes random.

It’s easy to see in action. Edit a list of ten or more items in display mode and Save the note.

Here is an example of user input before saving on the left, and the data stored by the save on the right. Of course, any action that triggers a save, such as going into edit mode, or switching to a different note, will produce the change.

Thanks for reporting this! Let me look into it.

Check out the latest beta and let me know if this works better.

BTW, this was a weird problem where an integer value was somehow being corrupted when being passed from Javascript to the Apple Swift APIs. I changed the integer to a string on the JavaScript side, and then converted it back to an integer on the Swift side, and then everything seemed to work correctly.

Tests are all positive. :100:

So we identified a bug that is buried a few layers deeper than your code. Interesting.