Internet Favorites Project

This is a sample project for creating a simple Web page containing all of your favorite Web sites.

This function is described in the Notenik Knowledge Base.

Download the attached Zip file and decompress it, then see the Note titled ‘DESCRIPTION’ for further info!

Internet (21.1 KB)


Just wanted to say this is a super cool feature, love the suggestion to set it as my browser’s start page.

I’ve been looking for ways to make my bookmarks more useful instead of a bunch of links shoved into a closet, and filing them under notes that I can reference later may be the solution.


I agree with you.

Personally, I imagine that I way benefit from the “friction” that would arise from manually adding links into a Notenik collection.

A good, relatively intermediate project (or advanced, depending on one’s familiarity with Notenik) that I think of often is to generate an HTML page that displays bookmarks (sorted by most recently added), TODOs [1], a reading list and other interesting information, and setting that as my start page for my browser.

Each type of data (bookmarks, TODOs, reading list, etc) can reside in its own collection and be fetched, sorted and placed into this “dashboard” using a single script file and a single template file.

If no one beats me to it, perhaps this is something that I can work on and share with others in the future.

  1. I used to use org-mode agenda often so I capitalize “TODO” out of habit. ↩︎