Lexicon of Song Now Available

Hey, I’ve just used Notenik to build a new website, and it’s fairly straightforward compared to some of my others.

For those of you wishing to see an example of how to use script files and merge templates, this should be pretty helpful. Let me know if questions or lingering mysteries.

Ooh, quite the rabbit hole… Heard me some fine Hank Williams, and just put nine novels and two collections of short stories by Edmund Crispin at the top of my reading list. Now I’m not sure that I’ll have time to examine the construction of the site!

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Glad you’re enjoying Notenik and some of my posts! The Moving Toyshop is generally recommended as the best place to start with Crispin and, while I can’t argue with that recommendation, I think Love Lies Bleeding might be my favorite. Buried for Pleasure is also a lot of fun. Hope you enjoy him!

Thank you for the pointers. I have soft spots in my heart for Oxford, professors of English, and good mysteries — so I’m very much looking forward to these!