Link in Report cannot open Notenik

I’m seeing an error dialog with this message:

Item to be opened at file:///Users/malcolm/Documents/AppIssues/reports/ could not be used, possibly due to expired permissions

This is the collection that I moved yesterday. In response I’ve given Notenik full disk access. Notenik has been stopped and restarted but it continues to throw that error.

What have I missed?

The core problem may be that Full Disk Access is not really what it sounds like. Here’s a quote from the MacPaw site:

Full Disk Access gives access to certain parts of your drive, although it’s not as “full” as the name suggests. For example, it doesn’t give anyone access to your personal files.

What I tend to do is to use the Grant Folder Access item beneath the File menu in Notenik, and then select my home folder (malcolm, in your case). That should grant permissions to everything in your home folder. If you want to be more restrictive than that then, of course, you can.

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If only it were that easy!

I’ve granted access to the collection folder, to the parent folder, to my user folder.

I’ve stopped and restarted Notenik.

Everything was working smoothly until I moved the collection.

Sorry for the problems.

Here’s something else to try: there’s an option to ‘Forget All Shortcuts’ beneath the File menu. Try executing that, then quit Notenik and restart.

Also, if you open the Log window, are there any other details evident there?

I tried ‘Forget All Shortcuts’ - nothing changed.

When I attempt to use a link the log file says:

Received an Apple Event
Apple Event passed URL: notenik://open?path=/Users/malcolm/Documents/KAMAR/KAMAR_Mobile/reports/&id=messagesbulkmove
Item to be opened at file:///Users/malcolm/Documents/KAMAR/KAMAR_Mobile/reports/ could not be used, possibly due to expired permissions
Unable to open desired Collection

Passing that URL to the open command in the terminal throws the same dialog.

Possibly related, when I open the parent realm, the collection links do not work with a simple click. Control-click to reveal the menu and selecting “Open Link in New Window” does open the collection.

Directly related, when I Control-click on note links in the report to reveal the menu and select “Open Link in New Window” the note is not opened. However, no dialog is displayed. When I look at the log I see a record of the activity. It is exactly the same messages as I included above.

Is there anything that I can do on the command line to get relevant info for you?

Now that I’m looking at this again, I’m wondering why you have a link going to the reports folder. Normally that would contain reports (script files, merge templates), but not any notes.

Would you have a problem zipping up the whole thing and sending it to me? You can email me at if you would like.

I can send the whole thing via email.



In the report template I had used the variable templateparent instead of the variable dataparent to generate the path for the URL.

Thanks for your assistance, pointing me in the right direction.