Links in Quote or Body tag

I have a Collection of .txt files with a Quote tag that I’d like to include a hyperlink in now and then to refer to another Note in the Collection.

I format the link as straight HTML or Markdown and it does show up in the Display as a link using the protocol file:///Users/etc but clicking goes nowhere. If I use the contextual menu option to Open Link in New Window the file pops up in my default text editor.

I looked at some example Collections and see specific Link tags. But when I put the local URL in a Link tag in my Collection, it also goes nowhere, although an http link runs out to the Web to retrieve the page just fine.

Is file:/// not supported or am I doing something wrong?

I think the easiest way to accomplish what you’re seeking is to use a wiki-style link. Simply enclose the title of the second Note within double square brackets, like this: [[Note I am Linking to]].

(Let me know if I’m missing something here…)


Hmm. So I tried the double bracket format with just the title and it appears as a link on the Display pane but it goes nowhere. Using the contextual menu to open the link, I get this error message:


That URL isn’t in the Collection (is it a temporary URL used by Notenik?) so I have no idea what’s going on. But the link doesn’t go to the Note referenced by its title in double brackets.

Select a Note… generates the same title with the same result with either the Wikilink of Notenik options (although the Notenik option does show the correct path).

(Glad to hear it’s possible to do this, though. Very handy.)

Are you using the Mkdown from Herb Bowie Markdown parser? The wiki-style links only work with Notenik’s own parser.

Not sure what else would be causing problems.

Another way to do what you’re attempting might be to right-click on the Note you want to link to, select Copy Notenik URL, then paste that URL as a conventional link into another Note.

If you’re still having problems, and can share more of the exact code that’s causing problems, then I might be able to help further.

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Yes, I’m using your Markdown parser.

The double brackets around the Title link just doesn’t fly ([[Convivio, II, viii, 13]] but the Copy Notenik Link option and pasting that into the Body of the Note as a Markdown link did finally get the job done (shortening the real path here):


Thanks for the help!

I can’t reproduce the problem you are having getting the wiki links to work.

See attached.

Can you send me a copy of your template.txt file, and perhaps a copy of the linking file and the target file, so I can attempt further debugging?


Convivio (4.0 KB)

Here’s your Convivio Test update with my two entries (but leaving one of yours), as well as a separate template.txt from the original Collection with the issue.

The test Collection’s Linking Note works, going to the updated note (my original) in the same Collection.

My reference in the note Pierre goes to the original Collection because that’s the path, of course.

So I dropped the Wiki-style link from the test Collection into the original Collection and it does nothing. It reports the link as file:///Applications/ So in the original Collection (whose template I’ve attached in the .zip), [[Convivio, II, viii, 13]] never resolves.

(Thanks for looking into this. Sorry to be such a pest but I’ve found Notenik so useful I’m throwing a lot of things at it.) (6.7 KB)

I think maybe I’ve stumbled onto your problem.

See attached for a Collection with your original template.txt file restored, and with working wiki links.

I’m suspecting that what you were attempting was to put the double-bracketed wiki link following a single-bracketed reference.

Here is what works:

> _Ironically paired in my notes with Dante's quote from_ [[Convivio, II, viii, 13]].

Here’s what I suspect you were attempting:

> _Ironically paired in my notes with Dante's quote from_ [Convivio][[Convivio, II, viii, 13]].

Can you let me know if my suspicion is correct?

BTW, don’t worry about bugging me: it’s great to know how other people attempt to use the software, and to see the questions/problems that arise.

Convivio (6.1 KB)

Here’s the text from the edit panel of the problematic Note:

>_Ironically paired in my notes with Dante's quote from_ [Convivio](notenik://open?path=/Users/etc/archive/Quotes/&id=convivioiiviii13). Or, uh,  [[Convivio, II, viii, 13]].

The first one works (well, with the full path here obscured), the second doesn’t. Neither, though, uses a single bracket followed by double bracket scheme. The first is just a Markdown link and the second is a Wiki link, as I understand it.

But in your test Collection, the second format does work.

My Collection was a 08 - Commonplace book format, if that helps.

I’m not quite sure what else to try. I just created a new Collection using the 08 - Commonplace book format, then dragged and dropped the relevant Notes into that Collection, and the Wiki Links still work fine.

What version of macOS are you using?

Yes, puzzling. Because it isn’t a tricky format. And the Wiki link works in the test Collection you posted but not in my Collection.

I’m running Catalina 10.15.7.

Well, if you wouldn’t mind, you could zip up your entire Collection and email it to me at, and I could take a closer look to see if I can figure out what’s going on.

Figured it out! I hadn’t realized (although I should have, given prior conversations) that you were using a display.html file to format your Display tab. That by itself did not cause the problem. But for your Quote field (the field label you were using for the body of your Notes) you were specifying a variable modifier of ‘w1’ for wiki-style link formatting (in addition to ‘o’ for Markdown-to-HTML conversion), and it was the former (the ‘w1’) that was causing the problem. Remove that and your wiki-style links should work.

In hindsight, I can entirely understand why you thought this modifier necessary, and I will add some language to the knowledge base to try to forestall any possible future confusion in this regard. But this modifier is only intended to be used when you are actually using a merge template to create a set of free-standing HTML files. It is not necessary and is actually counter-productive if you are using a merge template just to control the output shown within Notenik, on the Display tab.

Hope this makes sense, and sorry for the confusion!

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This does indeed resolve the issue. Thanks, Herb!