Links to emails don't open correctly

Links, even those stored by dragging mails to a collection in earlier versions don’t open correctly in the latest App Store version of Notenik: 14.2.0. On the subject of links, it seems currently impossible to link to a folder to open with Finder, if that folder also has a collection since clicking the link opens the collection in that folder in Notenik. I was wondering if it might be possible to have an option to open these folders with Finder.

This is more like a feature request, not a bug report, buts its related to email links. Would be nice to be able to drag multiple emails to Notenik and create links to each of them just as is possible with files.
As you can tell, I am using the links feature quite extensively and really enjoy it! Thanks.

Can you share an example of a link that is not working?

Sent you an email with an example.

Check out the latest beta and let me know if this fixes things!

Thanks for testing, and determining that part of the problem was fixed.

Check out the even later beta to see if this completes the fix.

@rkp135, in regards to opening Collection folders in the Finder, were you aware that, once a Collection is open in Notenik, there is an Open Folder in Finder command beneath the File menu? Which would presumably get you to where you’re trying to go, without changing any existing Notenik logic.

Yes, indeed, both parts of the problem seem to have been fixed!

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Actually, no, wasn’t aware of this. And this does get me to what I was trying to do. Thanks.

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