List view does not refresh after creating and deleting notes

I started a new collection and I duplicated a note. The list view did not update so I presumed that the action had failed. I repeated the action. As the duplicate command still did not seem to be working I created a new note and entered the new info. At that point the list updated. I could see that I had four notes.

I selected one of the copies and deleted but the list did not refresh and it appeared as though the delete had not occurred. So I repeated the action - twice - before I performed another action and the list updated.

Software GUI is a zero trust environment: we need to see evidence that an action has occurred. Having an out-of-synch visual feedback is especially likely to drive impatient users such as myself into a click-frenzy that will play havoc with the data.

It’s not fun losing work. It’s not fun destroying work inadvertently.

System details
Notenik Version 12.7.5 (524)
Mac OS 12.6.8
2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7

@Malcolm, I’m very sorry that you have had these sorts of issues with Notenik. This is certainly not normal behavior. I use Notenik on a daily basis, and use these sorts of actions regularly, and never see this sort of behavior.

In the past I have had similar problem reports from users who ended up with multiple copies of Notenik in their Downloads folder, after running various betas, and I’m wondering if this could be the case here?

I would recommend you download the latest released version from the Mac App Store, and delete any old copies of the app you might have lying around, and then try things again.

The only other thing that occurs to me is that, when you request a Note to be duplicated, you end up on the Edit tab, with the assumption that you want to change one or more fields (the title, at a minimum) before saving. So the new Note won’t show up on the List tab until you have actually saved it.

If you do still have problems, I would suggest you open the Log window and look for some sort of error message there.

Again, my apologies.

I posted under nuisances rather than bugs because - of course - I couldn’t reproduce it.