Lookbacks are not appearing when looking back into a collection with subfolders

Some lookbacks are appearing. Others are not. I’m wondering if it has anything to do with the fact that subfolders are inheriting the collection shortcut?

Is this a setup that has some practical application for you, or is it something you are just testing to see if it works?

I have to confess that trying to use all of these various Notenik features together might sometimes result in unexpected results.

I’m just wondering because, although subfolders can perhaps be used for a variety of purposes, the original intent seemed to me to make the subfolders portable, and separable from their parent. But if the intent is to eventually move a subfolder somewhere else, but still leave it as a valid Notenik Collection, then I’m wondering how we could ever expect lookbacks to work, when looking back to a folder whose location might change?

I’m just not envisioning how the two Notenik features of subfolders and loopbacks would be usefully combined, but I may very well be missing something.

Thanks, as always, for the testing and the feedback.

My collection already had lookbacks in place, and I added folders afterwards. To a large extent it is experimental. If it doesn’t work then I will need to rethink things.

I combine three collections using lookups and lookbacks to create links between People, Jobs, and WorkNotes. The folder is used in worknotes. I was thinking that upon completion of a job the folder could be moved. (Without realising that the lookbacks would then break).