Michal Rada - NoteNik user

Hi guys, I am Michal and I am from Prague, Czech Republic. I am using NoteNik few months, at this time I recreate some websites as knowledge bases in NoteNik and for example new info web about textual tools, etc. I am using NN as KB in some our projects too. I am totally blind, so I am using it with VoiceOver on Mac and with text editor in collection folder by editing files manually on other platforms. I am using mirroring, fields, templates, website and KB generation, grouping, ranks, classes, wikilinks and backlinks, etc etc.

In last days I collaborate on improving official NoteNik KB for example in website section and accessibility section, I will continue improving KB as I may have time for it.

I will be active in this community so let me know if I can help you with something. I will ask community too, because some my ideas want be explained and realized and in community its always better.

Greetings from Prague

Michal Rada