Mysterious (to me) Error

I guess I hadn’t tried this since updating to Monterey (which wiped my Open Recents in applications that offer that) but today I double-clicked on an - INFO.nkk file expecting it to open in Notenik and got this dialog:

**Item to be opened at file:///Users/etcetera/Quotes/-%20INFO.nnk could not be used, possibly due to expired permissions**

nnk files are set to open in Notenik. And I had the correct permissions.

I was able to open the Collection through Notenik but I wonder about the double-clicking issue. Is this not supported?

Well, in order for Notenik to be able to successfully open a Collection, two pieces of communication need to occur: Notenik needs to know what you want to do, and macOS needs to know what you want Notenik to have access to. When you double-click on an - INFO.nnk file, Notenik knows that you want to open that Collection, but all macOS knows is that you want Notenik to have access to that specific file.

Now if you’ve already let macOS know that you want Notenik to have access to the enclosing folder, then all is good. But one of the ways macOS retains these authorizations is through the list of recently opened Collections. So if something happens to cause macOS to forget past selections and start over, then macOS no longer “remembers” that you’ve authorized Notenik to access that folder.

Hope this makes sense! The bottom line is that, so long as a Collection is still on your Open Recent list, then double-clicking on the .nnk file will work.

(BTW, another way to open a Notenik Collection through the Finder is to drag and drop the entire folder onto the Notenik icon in the Dock.)

Thanks for explaining the phenomenon, Herb. That gave me a scare. I didn’t wipe my drive when I installed Monterey, so I thought the upgrade would retain Recents for each app that has them – but it didn’t. But good to know dragging the folder to Notenik will open the Collection.

I’ve made some improvements in 10.9.0 that should help out a bit when double-clicking on a .nnk file.

Perfect! Works just as expected on my .nnk files. Thanks!