Nested Tags and the Linked Tags Z Modifier


In a display template for a collection that uses nested tags, I’m using the following line with the the Linked Tags Z modifier so multiple tags will be individually linked to when the merge variable =$tags$= is called:


Otherwise, without the Z modifer multiple tags will appear as a single a element, e.g.:

<p><em><a href="notenik://expand?shortcut=slipbox&amp;tag=aqidah, ideology, societies">aqidah, ideology, societies</a></em></p>

But a single nested tag will resolve as expected (as will any other single tag).

The Linked Tags Z modifier almost gets the job done. Multi-tag notes will be individually linked and resolve to their respective place within a collection. Nested tags, however, are separated with a hyphen in the resulting HTML instead of a period. This does not allow them to properly resolve within a collection.

<p><em><a href="notenik://expand?shortcut=slipbox&amp;tag=aqidah-modernism" rel="tag">aqidah.modernism</a></em></p>

I figure that the usecases for the Linked Tags modifiers favour traditional web page generation, where periods are not used in URLs and hyphenation is commonplace. The Variance modifer sounds like the right solution but it doesn’t appear to be working alongside the Z modifier.

The template string


Has zero effect, as if the V modifier was not used at all.

It feels like I’ve been on the right track up until this point but am at an impasse now.

Are there any work arounds to achieve nested linked tags? Are the linked tag modifiers meant to be used only be themselvels? Are ther any other modifiers that could replace either Linked Tags Z are the Variance modifier?

Thank you in advance.

Let me look into this, and see what can be done.

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Thank you for the help, Herb.

I think I’ve got this fixed. Try the latest beta and let me know how it works for you. (I added a check on the prefix field to see if it contained ‘notenik://’ and, when it does, avoided changing dots to dashes in the link.)