Notenik 201 Video Now Available

Well, I’ve finally got a second Notenik video out on YouTube – it only took me two years!

Haven’t yet tackled any of the excellent suggestions previously posted by the community.

It seemed to me that the next logical video should be about customizing a Notenik Collection by tailoring the fields tracked – so that’s what I’ve got!

Hopefully some of you won’t mind watching this and letting me know what you think.

Looking forward to feedback!


Here is the link:

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Yes - good job @hbowie ! I managed to pick up a couple of useful tips even though it was pitched more at those new to the app. Keep them coming!

Am looking forward to videos showcasing some more advanced functions - e.g. would love to see you dig into how you use it to build your websites (i know the files are available but they are hard to follow)!

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I would like to see this also.

If it’s helpful to anyone, here’s two fields I added to my iteration of the collection shown in the video:

Medium: <pickfrom: epub, hardcover, paperback, pdf, web >

Type: <pickfrom: article, book, chapter, paper >
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