Notenik featured by The Plain Text Project + Thoughts on Web Generation

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Built for Macs, Notenik offers you a structured way of creating and maintaining your notes. All in plain text.

Unlike most note taking apps, which are freeform, Notenik’s editor uses fields to break down the elements of a note — for example, its title, the body, any tags or links, and even images associated with the note. That sounds restrictive, but it isn’t once you get used to it.

Notenik saves your notes as plain text, which you can format using Markdown. You can also put your notes into collections, which are folders that contain notes with a similar theme.

Tools Roundup - July 13, 2022

I enjoy the light emphasis that the author places on structure. Something that I look for to gauge how deeply someone has peeked into Notenik is their mention (or lack thereof) of how templates and scripts can be used to manipulate your notes and generate content into virtually whatever textual medium you can imagine if you are willing to put the time into learning and executing.

With so much talk that I observe about things like blogging and choosing the best static site generators, I would like to see more people in those sort of spheres gravitate toward Notenik.

I admit, I haven’t done nearly as much work into templating and scripting as I would like to myself – it takes time. I appreciate the fact that it does take effort to get a complete grasp of what you can achieve with Notenik of you know what you are trying to do. It helps that Herb is open with the fact that he has been using his methodology for quite some time now and that the Knowledge Base is an example of very helpful documentation similar to Tinderbox’s “A Tinderbox Reference File” . Personally, I hope to continue learning and sharing some work of mine in the near future.

Overall, it’s good to see Notenik get mentioned by such an appropriate platform such as The Plain Text Project.


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