Notenik has built-in support for microblogging

From the Notenik Knowledge Base:

Posting to a Microblog

On the Notenik General Settings you can set a Microblog handle and a Microblog domain for yourself.

The handle should be entered without a preceding @ sign.

The domain should be entered without a preceding @ sign, and without a preceding https://.

If you have entered a domain, then if you later Share a Note with a format option of ‘Microblog Post’, and a destination of ‘Copy to Clipboard’, then Notenik will open the domain in your preferred Web browser after copying the formatted post to the clipboard. This makes it easy to paste the formatted post into a waiting text entry box.

If you have entered a handle and a domain, and if the domain points to a Mastodon server, then invoking the option beneath the Notenik menu for Mastodon Profile will cause your preferred Web browser to open your profile page on your Mastodon server.

I don’t have experience with this feature as of yet. But I wanted to share it.

Conveniently, is having a sale on its services (4 months for $1/month).

What better way to try out microblogging with Notenik than with…

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