Notenik Reviewed in Jan, 2023 Issue of MacFormat

Notenik gets a full one-page review in the January, 2023 issue of MacFormat, on page 92! It’s rated 4 stars out of 5, with a subtitle of ‘A powerful app for a customizable note-taking experience’.

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Just read the review via my Scribd subscription. Interesting that “lots of import and export options” merited a minus sign.

And we noticed that whenever we clicked on a menu option while editing a note, the note switched to display mode and we had to select Edit to continue.

I wasn’t able to reproduce this on Notenik 11.

Overall I felt like the author really enjoys it and gave a solid description of the application’s general capabilities.

Nice job, Herb! (And Kenny!)

The only minus sign I saw in my digital edition was next to “Mac Only”. “Lots of Import and Export options” was one of the plus signs. (Maybe it’s a formatting problem in your copy…?)

On the menu options bit… Notenik has lots of menu options, and since the reviewer wasn’t specific, it’s hard to tell exactly what he was doing. But he is correct in that, for many of the menu options, Notenik will save your changes and close the Edit tab before proceeding, because it assumes you are moving on to something else, and are done editing (and doesn’t want you to lose your changes). But this is not something I’ve ever had any complaints about from an actual user. I’m guessing this is an artifact of using the app in “reviewer” mode, where you are poking around to see what’s available, and not actually trying to do anything useful?

I’d be curious to hear if any of the users on this forum have had problems with Notenik arbitrarily finishing off their edit session when they choose a Menu option…?

Oh, I see now. There is a “reformatted for the Web” version of the article that has some typos in it, including the minus sign in front of “Lots of import and export options.”

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BTW, the same review also appears in the January issue of MacLife.