Notenik Tag Line

I’m thinking about a new tag line for Notenik. In the Mac Store, the tag line is currently ‘For Those Who Like Text,’ which strikes me as a bit too generic today. I’m wondering about something like ‘The Personal Information Construction Kit’. Any thoughts?

That leans on the genre of Personal Information Managers, and the words “construction kit” gives people a better general impression of what to expect. It collapses to “PICK” which is more fun that PIM. Even better, it should be easy to fold in the current tag line to retain SEO on pages using it.

Negatives? The use of “The” is assertive and contentious. I’d prefer switching “The” to “A”.


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Yes, I think it’s an improvement. You could also go with “Personal Information Management Kit” which taps into the interest in Personal information management apps.

I would like to formally endorse the “PICK” acronym along with the new tagline proposal.

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Thanks for the feedback!