On entering a field the cursor doesn't display - M2


I’m using an MacBook Pro M2 at work and a MacBook Pro Intel at home.

When I’m on the M2 and I click to enter the field the cursor doesn’t display. It’s there. I can begin typing and everything works as it should. It just doesn’t display.

At home on the Intel machine everything is working

There was a similar problem that cropped up a little while ago. Version 12.3.0 added an Application Setting for inline editing of long text fields. Turning this setting off tends to fix this problem. Can you try this and let me know how it works for you?

Certainly. I’ll test. We’ll have to wait until monday morning when I’m back at work.


That setting changes the input display, showing single line inputs with an edit button on the right hand side, instead of showing a multi-line text input area.

The cursor behaves correctly in the single line input areas.

And does the cursor also behave correctly in the Body field?

What we found a little bit ago was that macOS no longer seems to handle multiple NSTextView controls well when they were all in the same parent view.

So the only answer I could find was to show everything other than the body initially as a single-line field (an NSTextField), with the option to edit each LongText field in a separate pop-up, when needed.

This seemed to have the added benefit of leaving more room for the actual Body field on the Edit tab.

Yes. I flipped back and forth a few times to see whether I could get it to misbehave but it seemed to be reliable.

I was surprised when the single line fields opened into separate windows. I had been expecting them to reveal their content within the same window. In my mind, the active field would display as LongText, and other longtext fields would collapse into single-line fields.

However, I quite like the single-line field as an initial view, and the current behaviour is fine, so I’ll stick with that setting.

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