Output files from Reports and Reports Dropdown Menu

I have run into two issues on trying to produce a markdown report using a merge template.

  1. I used the “Generate Sample Report in Markdown” command which creates a “sample report template.md” file. The first line of the file is “<?output "report.md"?>” But on selecting the report from the Collection’s toolbar, no output file called “report.md” seems to be generated. The output does get displayed in a Notenik window called “Query Output” though. The same thing seems to happen with reports in HTML.

  2. After creating and renaming reports, if I create a query and save it, then the previously saved reports disappear from the dropdown menu in the Collection toolbar. The template file is still present in the reports folder. When I delete the query related files from the reports folder, the report reappears as an option from the dropdown menu.

Thanks for reporting. Let me look into these issues, probably later this week.

Can you try the latest beta and see if this behaves more reasonably, in terms of item # 1? (Item # 2 has yet to be worked.)

The 14.5.3 beta should fix both problems.

Both problems seem to be fixed in my testing. Thanks for addressing them so quickly!

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