Permission to tag posts

Right now, it appears that the permission to add new tags to posts are kept from common forum users. Is this intended?

As shown in this forum post from the Discourse message board, when one enters a non-existing tag, the option to “create” a new tag appears. This does not appear to be the case on the Notenik forum, in my experience.

If this intentional, then what will the process for adding new tags be like? I am aware that communities such as restrict the adding of new tags to the administration, although it isn’t clear to me the process of how they go about it. From my observations, tags there seem to be lobbied for by the community ad hoc.

Thank you.

Good question! It turns out that Discourse assigns each user a particular permission level (0 - 5) and then sets the minimum permission level needed to perform certain functions. Right now the minimum permission level needed to create a new tag is 3 (which is the default). Your user account was set to a permission level of 1; I’ve upped it to 3. So you should be able to create new tags now.

Thank you, Herb! I appreciate the privilege.