Plain Text Database - more "other fields allowed"

Hi Herb,

Thanks for the great program!

I would like to use Notenik as a “plain text database”.

My concerns:

I want to digitize my index cards and manage them in a database.

Now I want to recreate this database in Notenik. I don’t need any calculations or relations.

It is important to me that I have access to the data without a program. Notenik also offers a great CSV export.

So I create a new document (e.g. “Cardfile”) and select Fields “06-Cardfile.” I also set a check mark at “other fields allowed”.

So far so good.

Now I open the document “template” in the document folder “Cardfile” and create more fields.

Card color: 0 - Select; 1 - White; 2 - Yellow; 3 - Red; 4 - Green; 5 - Blue;

But when I now open the document “Cardfile” in Notenik, the field “Card color” is empty, i.e. without any selection option.
But I need several custom selection fields for my “personal database” in Notenik.

Is there a solution for this or is this a feature in the future?


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Well, first of all, @ChadBerlin, welcome to the Notenik community! Glad to have you here!

Second, let me assure you that your goals are entirely aligned with those of Notenik: plain text databases – Yes!

Next, you can probably uncheck the “other fields allowed” option. What that means is that Notenik will allow fields other than those defined in the template file. But as long as you are defining the fields you need in the template file, then this option doesn’t do anything for you.

And finally, to answer your real question, you would want the line in your template file to look like this:

Card color: <pick-from:  White, Yellow,  Red, Green,  Blue>

(I’m assuming you didn’t really need the numbers in there, but feel free to add them back if you want them.)

The more general answer to your question is that you were missing the field type specification on your template line. In this case, I’m thinking you want a field type of pick-from.

You can find more info about this particular field type here.

You can find the lists of available field types here.

Let me know how this works for you, and if you have more questions.

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Thank you! Now it works!

That was the decisive hint:

Card color: <pick-from: White, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue>

Now I will build up and test my text database.
Great Support, Herb !

Sorry for my late reply - a lot of work :wink: